Monday, December 31, 2007

Back by popluar blog has been on hiatus for the last couple of months as I've been swamped learning how to teach English as a second language.

I've enjoyed it immensely, its facinating to watch people of all ages as they struggle to obtain the World Language...yes yes, I know, many people argue that its rather Mandarin as more people may speak that then English, but English is still the way business is conducted in most of the world.

I have a class of four year olds, hysterical to watch their brains act like sponges as they try to absorb the concept that their teacher really does know how to talk. On more than one occasion, I've watched them turn to each other and say, "She doesn't know how to talk!" I do have to speak Spanish to them on occasion, but they have learned commands like "Sit Down" "Let's Sing" and "Close the Door".

My teenagers are teenagers, acting like I've pulled all their teeth out, put them all back and start all over again for each and every class. I did a dramatic reading this fall of the The Tell Tale Heart, they loved it...and couldn't believe how dramatic I was. I was asked once what the word "scream" meant, and I screamed for them. They'll never forget what that word means.

One of my teens that I thought was going to just sit there like a bump on the log, has completely thrown himself into his studies, and is my best student. I'm amazed at how much he's learned, and how he tries desperately to speak and read English. The ones I thought would be better have turned out to be duds.

So, enough explanation, I'll blog more now on what else I've been up to.