Monday, October 08, 2012

This week is already passing by quickly, and if I don't get this down, I'll have forgotten all that's swirling in my mind.

This month we celebrate several new minestones. First, I finished my MA WOOOHOO! So good to be done, but I'm already swamped in PHD work. We did stop to celebrate yesterday, driving up the mountain to eat with good friends, and talking for hours on end. It was good.

This Saturday, we completed 9 years in Spain. How is that possible? But more on that in a second.

And finally, this Monday will be Andrew's birthday. We are going to have a loud, obnoxious, so much fun the neighbors are jealous steak barbaque. Can't wait.

But back to the 9 years in Spain. We are so grateful, so happy, and so amazed by how God has kept us here. How has He done it? by giving us an incredible community of insane friends, at church, at the gym, and now at the university and our students and of course, Triatomix, the triathlon team.

All of these groups are intrinsictly linked, and a bunch from each will come and join us on Sunday as we celebrate Andrew's birthday but also their friendship to us, and helping us stay here for 9 years.

Seeing this picture again, reminded me of what our journey has been like. There are several mythical road cycling routes here in Granada, most of them sharply slanting up the mountain, one of the most famous, is called the Purche. When the guys did the Half Ironman this summer, one of their friends spray painted the road. One of our collegues went to do the Purche this weekend, and found it still there, 2 and 1/2 months later.

It says: Vamos (Let's go!) Juli, Iker, Dani and Nacho

Not only has our community here in Granada helped, encouraged, prayed, laughed, loved and kept us here, but there are MANY MANY MANY people around the world that do the same. We miss you all, but we are immensely grateful for technology that keeps us closer. Thank you all for spray painting the road ahead of us, so we can see how you are cheering us on.