Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sometimes we have this idea that God is supposed to make sure we have enough. Enough food, enough clothes, enough friends, enough family, enough of everything...

But what we measure is enough, and what God measures...are sometimes imcompatable in our minds. But that's why He's God, and I'm not.

I was reminded today in very small ways. Today, my husband needed the car. His back has been sore, and we've both been grumpy as it makes life harder. So, instead of driving to school like I did on Monday, I took the bus.

As I got ready, I forgot to ask my husband for money. My usual 20 euros for week (bus, a night of tapas and coffee for the week) was gone. I had had to use it for gas, as we've used the car due to my husbands back, and for parking fees, as my husbands get the picture.

So I get to the bus, panicked, realizing I have no money. I have maybe a euro in small coins. I find two bus cards and pray hard that one has at least one ride left, because at school I can bum a couple of euros off a classmate...or catch a ride home....and lo and behold, 5 euros are on a buscard....enough for today, tomorrow and Friday.

While at school, bored, I look at my computer, and there had been a 4 car pileup on the expressway at the same hour I would have been driving. My husband's bad back prevented me from getting behind the wheel.

And, after class ended, my friend Edit said, "Let's have coffee" and when I said "Sure, but I don't have any money..." she bought. Together we enjoyed a nice moment, and walked down the hill and when I stopped in the office where I needed to resolve a problem, all was taken care of in 30 seconds.

God is faithful. Even when we least expect it. And even though I didn't have money in my pocket, it was all for a plan. Maybe I should stop complaining about not having any money today...