Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I spent some time talking to a friend last night, telling him about all the things that are going on here in Granada. He said, YOU HAVE TO BLOG ABOUT THIS, so Jason, here it goes.

One of the things that keeps Andrew and I both here is the youth ministry. The city of Granada has over 70.000 students, more if you include the thousands that flock here for language school. Right now, Campus Crusade and Intervarsity have a limited reach, and so the rest is left to the little Baptist church.

Many of our members have been perturbed in the past that they can't find seats on Sunday morning because of all the students! However, we along with the pastor and wife, have explained that this is part of the ministry here in Granada.

Saturday night, we had about 20 students for youth group, and we showed them the movie, The End of Spear. If you all have missed out on this, please go find a copy and watch it this week.

Since it was in English with Spanish subtitles, I wasn't sure how things would go, but the kids were instantly sucked in. I heard sniffles, and reactions throughout the movie, and at the end, they were visably moved. Finally, four Brazillian guys have been attending youth group for about 3 months now, since a hiking trip we took back in November. After the movie on Sat. evening, they came to church on Sunday morning. I don't know where they are spiritually, but it was exciting to see them come.

God is moving here in Granada, slowly but surely. There are days that are so thrilling, like Sat. that I can't hardly believe it. Come, join us, we need more people. Consider this your Macedonia Call.

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