Thursday, February 08, 2007

I still get the shivers when I sing with our church band. For about two years now, every wednesday night I head down to our little church. Usually its me, the pastor's wife, Esther, and about half a dozen other musicians or aspiring musicians. We practice for about an hour and half, and have a great time.

One reason I get the shivers is that we always have numerous nationalities represented. Last night was like any other night in that we had one American (me), a Mexican, a Brazillian, a Madrileno (pastor's wife) a Panamanian, a Andulucian, and a Basque. I list the Spaniards from their region, as Spaniards are incredibly faithful to their region, rather their country. The Basque girl Miriam plays the flute, and she always bristles when you refer to her as a Spaniard. She's incredibly nationalistic, and it cracks me up.

I think its amazing that we hail from all over the world, from different denominations, from different point of view on worship, and we somehow all come together and sing. Spanish is the common language, but it sung in all sorts of accents. Last night Esther made a joke with a play on words, and the Mexican and I looked blankly at each other until we figured it out. However, the Spirit calls us One, and we can function as One.

On Sunday morning, there are even more countries in the church service, and its amazing to see hands lifted, eyes heavenword, as we sing songs like...

The Lord is faithful, and his mercy endures forever...

Come, visit us....see a bit of heaven in this little town tucked under the shadow of the Sierra Nevada. Shiver with us, not from the cold of winter, but with the joy and delight to worship as One.

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