Tuesday, April 10, 2007

This past Wednesday I went to worship practice like I do most weeks. After we went through our half a dozens songs and refined our introductions, the pastora, the pastor's wife pulled me aside. She told me to bring my djellaba, or my Moroccan outfit, on Sunday. I was to dress up with several other women and pretend to be the women who found Jesus' tomb empty. I was a little skeptical to say the least, but I agreed to go along with the plan.

Andrew laughed when he heard the idea, and he said it sounded hokey. I agreed. However, I still pulled out my orange djellaba, and Andrew found his black one, and off we went yesterday to church.

Esther, Nely, Mariene and myself are pictured above, all dressed up and ready to enter the church. We came in from the back, and surprised everyone. We grabbed some people and said “la tumba esta vacia!” The tomb is empty.

In a spontaneous way, we told our story, just as if we were the women who went to anoint Jesus' body and found the tomb empty. When we came to the point that we had seen angels, we all burst into tears of joy. I felt myself shaking, as if I'd actually seen an empty tomb. Together we shouted, “EL VIVE!!!!!!!!!!!” HE LIVES!!!!!! We all trembled, and the audience burst into applause. I saw several people wipe tears away, several of those men.

We invited everyone to come and worship the king of kings with us. We filed out to pull off our djellabas and returned to sing. I never thought that a corny, hokey idea would fill us with such passion, such excitement that our Savior, Jesus is RISEN!

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