Thursday, October 14, 2010

I can see from my status updates on Facebook that many of my friends have been as excited as I am to see the Chilean miners slowly pulled out one by one from their underground existence. I thought I wasn't going to cry the first time I watched one emerge from the Phoneix, until I read the back of his tshirt.

Roughly translated, it says on the front, Thank you Lord, and on the sleeve, Jesus. On the back, it says something like, "Because He holds in His hands, the depths of the earth. And the heights of the mountains are also his.

To HIM be the honor and the glory."

I cried. What a fitting statement, as they are pulled from the lowest depths of the earth known to man, and as they come out of the little capsule dubbed Phoneix, to these beautiful, but harsh mountains that tower over them. No matter where they go, they are in God's hands.

One miner stated how he had seen the Devil and instead, taken God's hand. The commentators over and over kept remarking on their solid attitude, that there was an unshakeable confidence that all is well. The physchologist that I watched last night on CNN kept saying, they shouldn't be this stable.....he couldn't get over the fact that they had something more than they expected.

Isn't this faith? In the midst of WORST case scenarios, God's hand still sustaining us? What a powerful testimony this 33 men have, and I hope that their use their new found celebrity status not just to get stuff, but for His glory. This story has touched all, even Steve Jobs sent them Ipods and Manchester United wants to fly them to come see a game. The world will try and take advantage of them, and wants to capitalize on their new found faith, but I hope the faith keeps shinning so brightly, like it did yesterday as they left the dark and miry pit for life.

I couldn't help but also think, is this what death is like for the believer? This whole life we only see things dimly, grimily, like the miners in the pit. As we strap in and leave this earth, we are greeted by those who love us most, bursting into His Heights and His light. I think we are going to need a lot more than Oakly Sunglasses on that. Thinking on that, it gave me a good dose of hope, one I'd needed. Come, Lord Jesus, Come.

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