Monday, February 27, 2012

First thoughts for my MA thesis.

Emotion is a strong element in our perception of the world. It is difficult to ignore and harder to quantify. One of our strongest and most powerful motivating emotions is shame. Shame is the first emotion mentioned in the Bible, that has Adam and Eve realized their nakedness, they covered themselves out of shame. Wars and conflict and battle all have been fought over honor and shame. Strangely enough in this modern world, we neglect the existence of this most base emotion, and instead we often move blindly through our world motivated to protect our honor and compelled to the beat of its drum to always avoid shame.


Jo said...

Good thoughts, Jamie. Sounds like a good start and a great topic. Shame might be one of the first emotions explicitly mentioned, but I think it's important to note that actually "no shame" or "shameless" is the emotional state FIRST specifically mentioned. Although there are many previous emotions that are implied (such as God's joy at his creation, Adam's lonliness, Adam and Eve's wonder at each other, enjoyment of the creation, etc.) I get where you're going with this - the Bible immediately addressing one of our most fundamental and agonizing emotions - shame. But some adjustment might be needed to the flat statement that shame is the first biblical emotion. I can't wait to hear more of what you write!

Jamie Soen Leonhard said...

Thanks Jo, you are right. What I meant to say was, Shame is the first NEGATIVE emotion in the Bible....hence a fundamental starting point.

Appreciate your comments. I know from States that a hundred or so people read this blog, but you are the only one that comments.