Sunday, April 14, 2013

Hide me in the cleft of your rock...cries the Psalmist. I have never really understood the Psalm, until this weekend.

Tomorrow, Andrew and I celebrate13 years as a married couple. What a journey! We began with laughter and joy and peace, and even though we have seen sorrow and tears, grief and pain, we still find laughter and joy and peace together.

To escape the rat race, and a few other things, we strapped on backpacks, jumped on the scooter, and rode around the other side of the towering Sierra Nevada to a region called Las Alpujarras. We've been several times, but never to stay. This weekend however, Andrew founded us a hotel, booked it, and off we went.

The sights, smells and feelings of riding up the mountain were incredible. Rosemary, jasmine, orange blossoms and more overwhelmed our noses, the teetering "barrancos" or cliffs and the warm, spring air was a delight as we went higher and higher. We ate hearty country food, potatoes that were definitely not "pobre" and stiff cups of coffee. Exhausted, I fell into bed for both siesta and that evening, and slept.

As we reluctantly left, and started back down the hill, we stopped for pictures. Andrew realized that at a certain level, the church steeple fit between two hills. AS we left the Poquiera valley, I realized we had been hidden in a cleft of a rock, safe and snug between two immense rocks, towered over by the snow capped Sierra Nevada.

These last few months have definitely been challenging, as they always are. This last weekend, God hid us away, in the cleft of His rock, and refreshed us physically, and as we walked away, spiritually as I realized how He hid us.

Elijah goes through intense miracles, fire falls from heaven, and his very life is threatened by Ahab and Jezebel. He runs into the wilderness, is sustained physically by a big big angel, and finally finds himself in the clef of a rock.

As the storm, rain, thundering and lightening come down around him, he begins to listen and look for God. Until the storm ends, does he finally hear God's voice, and later is sustained until he is fully rested. I'm glad God gave him rest, and I too listen for the still small voice.

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Anna L. said...

So glad you had a special weekend!