Friday, November 22, 2013


This summer we met and heard a musican named Alex Sampedro, I had heard this song before, but when I heard it live, I wept along with the rest of the audience. Below I will translate the song.

El verano pasado, conocimos y escuchamos a un muisco se llama Alex Sampedro. Lo habia escuchado la cancion antes, pero cuando lo escuche en vivo, llore como el resto de publico.

I have a bible that doesn't say anything
A cruxifix that doesn't save
A faith that is tired of mountains
I have prayers with no focus
And I have preached so many times
in the valley of the dry bones
 I have news, but no hearers
I have people waiting for fish
But my nets are broken

The wine is vinegar and the bread has no taste
The salt no longer is salty
The church no longer goes out into the streets
Their light is under a table
and the virgin doesn't care
The yeast is in the fridge
and my armour is rusty
I have silver and gold, but the lame do not dance.

I have failed victories
People in the church building are lukewarm
Missionaries are holed up in their houses
My offering is in the bank
Promises are expired
Mana is frozen
There is no heat or power in the Word
The Keeper of the Gate is partying with the Good Samaritan
They no longer are patient as brothers
They have lost their guts

La cancion es demasiado verdad tanto sobre la Iglesia Catolica que muchas iglesias protestantes.  Pero lo que tengo esperanza esta en Dios, mas que las instituiones humanas.Esperamos que un dia, podremos llegar al menos corrupcion, y podamos ver Dios mas que hombre sobretodo.

The song is too true regarding both the Cathlolic Church and a lot of protestant churches. But I have my hope placed in God, far more than in human institutions. We hope that one day, we can see less corruption and that we can see God above man.

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