Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I've been working along with Andrew on pictures and scripts for the Uganda videos. He's just finished the first video, and I am sending if off to the boss for final approval.

These pictures grip me. It took me weeks to not look at them and weep. I can hardly believe that little ol' me was able to go to Uganda and take the thousands of shots that are so incredible. Africa is almost too easy for a photographer, shots just beg for you to take them.

I"m going to upload a few of them for people to see. I know that some of my friends and family have already seen them, but I want to make some comments and post them.

This boy above was a street child in a slum in Kampala. I shot it will taking pictures of Andrew interviewing missionaries and pastors in the street.

This one is a self potrait. Again, we were interviewing pastors, and I turned the camera around to show our constant audience.

No matter where we went, there was always this group of sometimes rowdy boys and girls. They were so curious.

And this is Andrew with his constant audience...or like they say in Spanish "publico".

I'll try to upload more photos later.

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