Thursday, September 21, 2006

Yesterday I went to church to practice with the worship team for Sunday morning. Before we began, Esther, the pastor’s wife who helps lead the group, told us two stories.

Caleb is a 21 year old Spaniard who’s father passed away 7 years ago. Caleb decided he didn’t want to have anything to do with God and hasn’t come to church since.

On Sunday, he came to church for the first time at the insistence of his best friend, Sergio. Apparently the worship band sang a song that Caleb’s dad used to sing, and something happened in his heart. Caleb was planning to move to Granada in January, and because of this church service, he can hardly wait to come and start attending church in Granada.

One of the women baptized this summer has begged her husband to come to church for months. The pastor and his wife has met on several occasions with this couple to no avail. This Sunday, he brought his wife and daughter to church and thought he would walk around the nearby park. The singing had already begun and he enjoyed it, so instead of a walk, he came into the service.

Because of music, these two men were drawn to be in the service. Their stories are to be continued, but its exciting for our little ecletic group to hear that God is using our normal voices, average talent, but maximum enthusiasm to glorify Him.

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