Thursday, November 04, 2010

Only in Granada.....

Last night, we were coming home from the gym after a long day and a good workout. I had taught 4 hourss of English classes,and then drove in from where I teach to meet Andrew at the gym. He had taken the bus into town, gone to prayer meeting and then joined me.

After lots of swimming and a few minutes in the spa....we walked out the door about 11 (not late for Spain) and were on our way home dreaming of bread and cheese and yogurt and fruit for dinner, when all the sudden BAM, someone hits us from behind as we waited for our turn on the roundabout. We both turned around and SURPRISE! Its a waiter from a local cafe Andrew and I frequent on Sunday mornings.

Fortunately the worst damage was only a broken headlight on his car, and we have scarcely a bump on alls well that ends well. The waiter was grateful and I won't be surprised if the next coffee we have at the cafe is "on the house".

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jo said...

Wow! So glad it wasn't worse. Did you still get to have your bread, cheese and fruit? ;) The dramas never cease! Hope you'll have free coffee and some good conversation as a result.