Monday, July 14, 2014

I know this blog has been long forgotten in the last several months, but today I want to revisit it.

First, I have this feeling,and it's been hard to describe, until today. Today, Andrew and I watched the last few minutes of today's stage of the Tour of France. This is a grueling 3 week race that most Americans didn't know existed until Lance Armstrong dominated the scene.

Andrew and I weren't ever fans, until we started to become weekend warrior cyclists. We do some cycling and understand a small portion of what these incredible men do.

One rider today, Tony Gallopin, wore the yellow jersey. He only wore it for today, and he worked so hard to be true to it. He called today's stage, "Four hours of suffering" as these men tried to in pouring rain and then a huge climb up Le Planche des belles filles.

He got to the end, not first, and had to relenquish his yellow jersey. They showed him being stopped after the fnish line, dripping sweat, snot and tears. The aide gently held him up, and talked to him. He then reached over, and uncliped Tony's shoes from his pedals, and gave him a can of Gatorade. He was so exhausted from the effort, he couldn't even unclip his own shoes.

I resemble, and I think my husband too, that a little bit. We've held on here in Granada, in this little community trying to find out what it means to be a community, and find out who God is, and show how much He loves us all, for so long, we are a bit like Tony. The last two years have been a long uphill climb, with a yellow jersey we've earned as far as hanging in there...but we are in need of someone to help us stop and untangle ourselves from the bike for a rest.

Andrew and I deeply hope this summer will be that rest. More on this blog as we wander through this summer and 2014.

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