Thursday, August 12, 2010

I called my dad tonight, just to hear his voice for a minute. He was at work, curing cancer. It helps me know that he's still there, even though the phone call got dropped as I heard him talking geeky cancer zapping talk with a co worker.

He's a mad scientist, a geek, someone who wears pocket protectors and a lab jacket to work with his name embroidered into the lapel, but he's a wonderful geek, my Dad.

He's got a ton of sayings, very quotable, not all of the appropiate, but the longer I live I know the days are longer in the summer cuz its hotter, and I've applied that logic to say, that's why the gas goes up in price, the euro/dollar exchange gets worse, and the food prices go up, cause things expand when they get hot, and since its summer, of course all those things would happen.

Somehow Dad and Mom managed to raise us all with massive love and compassion, no matter how much we got spanked, we knew it hurt Dad so much more than it hurt us.

I was with my friend April tonight, wishing she could have seen us as we crammed into the bathroom on a hot night cuz the tile and bathtub was cooler than the house, and it was a private place for us to chill out and talk. Her boyfriend came in and was like, "what are you two doing in here?" and it was nice to lay in the tub and talk to April while she trimmed her toenails. Somehow it brought back some memories I'd forgotten about.

I miss my fam here. I miss the fact that we can't all cram into the smallest room on the smallest bed and drink coffee late and talk about life, love, and happiness. I miss them so much I even did the "mom" voice to April so she could hear what we sound like when we imitate mom.

I miss you guys. I have missed you for some time. I'm here, sitting in the tub, wishing we could talk. Send me some emails, texts, or whatever. My email goes to my phone now, yah, I've got a Blackberry, so I can keep up better. Write on my wall on Facebook, send me a smoke signal, post some pics, so at least we can know where we are at. Love you and btw, the bathroom is a cool place to hang out.

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kathiesoen said...

Love love love this!! In spite of our small house, everyone found a smaller place still... Kitchen floor and counters also became a favorite since the coffee pot was handy. I look forward to Christmas when at least a portion of the fam will be here to reassemble around the coffee pot.