Thursday, August 12, 2010

La elipse de un grito,
va de monte
a monte.

Desde los olivos,
será un arco iris negro
sobre la noche azul.


Como un arco de viola,
el grito ha hecho vibrar
largas cuerdas del viento.


(Las gentes de las cuevas
asoman sus velones)


The Ellipse of Scream goes from mountain to mountain.

From the olive trees, its like a black rainbow against the blue night.


Like a viola bow, the scream vibrates the long strings of the wind.


The cave people look out their windows...AHHHHHHHHHHH


Jamie Soen Leonhard said...

Poetry by F. Garcia Lorca. My translation.

jo said...

I like the similarity of the two little exerpts you posted - the sound or lack of sound traveling in waves & ellipses - and the contrast between the SCREAM and the silence, two of our most primitive and poweful methods of communicating strong emotion.

Jamie Soen Leonhard said...

Thanks. I wish I could say I was all artsy and had found this on my own, but alas, I didn't. Andrew and I went to a flamenco show that was based on a whole work of Garcia Lorcas poetry, and these two were linked with dance and song that were so powerful, you got goosebumps. During the one the scream, I cried involuntarily from the emotion that it produced. It was amazing.